Song Played in College Romance Season 3 ending : Song Mera Jiya college romance season 3

Song Played in College Romance Season 3 ending

College Romance Season 3 Songs List :

College Romance season 3 is released on 16th September 2022. And in Season 3 college romance we were able to hear 3 songs and if you finding these three songs then here is the list of these three songs including the last songs. The last song played in the Season 3 of College Romance Season 3 is Song Mere Jiye.

song 1 :-

Zindagi Hai Nayi

College Romance: Season 3 (Music from the Series)  by Mohit Gaur

Song  ·  3:07  ·  Hindi

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Song 2 : – 

Mera Jiya

College Romance: Season 3 (Music from the Series)  by Abhishek GaurLovenish SharmaNami

Song  ·  4:00  ·  Hindi

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Song 3 :-

Rul Gaye

College Romance: Season 3 (Music from the Series)  by Mandy GillRishi Dutta

Song  ·  3:24  ·  Punjabi

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College Romance Season 3 review 

The Series named College Romance!! One of the bestest show I’ve ever watched. Mostly the cast and the music are awesome. All 3 seasons are power packed from the previous one(season). I learnt so many things from this beautifully series named College Romance. All thanks to T. V. F, cast, directors, musicians, and all the whole team. Last and main i wanna say that!! At the end of last episode of season 3. It’s little unlike as bagga went!. This makes the most excitement for the upcoming blockbuster season 4 from College Romance. All the best for the upcoming season. I have a request please make entry or reunite the tripling Trippy-Naira-Karan in upcoming season. And Raveena too.

College Romance Season 3 release date   

The release date of College Romance Season 3 is 16 September 2022. The budget of College Romance Season 3 was 5-6 crore.  

College Romance Season 3 Storyline 

As Trippy (Manjot Singh) makes a mysterious comeback, Karan (Keshav Sadhna) tells Nigerian monetary unit to not check with him. Meanwhile, Karan starts having affair with a replacement lady (Nupur Nagpal), whereas Deepika (Shreya Mehta) starts mingling with a replacement boy (Eklavey Kashyap).

College Romance Season 3 Cast

  • Manjot Singh                                                                             Trippy
  • Apoorva Arora                                                                           Naira
  • Keshav Sadhna                                                                           Karan
  • Gagan Arora                                                                                Bagga
  • Shreya Mehta                                                                              Deepika
  • Hira Ashar                                                                                   Raveena
  • Shiva Kumar                                                                               Munjal Sir
  • Ramandeep Yadav                                                                       Kukka
  • Sanket Shanware                                                                          Makhi
  • Nupur Nagpal                                                                              Dhatrapriya
  • Ambrish Verma                                                                           Anshuman
  • Ankit Motghare                                                                           Birju
  • Ankur Pathak                                                                               Bhati
  • Darius Chinoy                                                                             Kabir
  • Samriddhi Mehra                                                                         Karishma
  • Aishwarya Chaudhary                                                                 Hippy
  • Sahil Verma                                                                                 Bagga’s Friend
  • Surabhi Mehra                                                                             Raveena
  • Pawan Sabharwal                                                                         Poet

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