Splitsvilla 13 EXCLUSIVE! Jay Dudhane And Aditi Rajput Win Splitsvilla X3? : Winner of Splitsvilla 13?

Splitsvilla 13 EXCLUSIVE! Jay Dudhane And Aditi Rajput Win Splitsvilla X3?

Splitsvilla 13 : Splitsvilla X3’s latest episode will be a shocking one for all. It all starts with the continuation of the last episode, in which Kevin Almasifar had physically attacked Shivam Sharma, which left him injured. The medical team takes Shivam to the hospital. Later in the villa, Boombaam gang’s Nikhil Malik and Jay Dudhane get furious and search for Kevin. At that time, Kevin Almasifar’s connection Kat Kristian and his friend Sapna Malik argue with Nikhil and Jay. The Let’s Do It gang try to justify Kevin’s action and blame Shivam for overexpressing his pain. All of them get into a heated argument with each other. After that, Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone call everyone to the dome session. D ue to violence, Kevin was disqualified from the task and Kat walked out of the show with him.

Winner of Splitsvilla 13?

Trevon and Samrudhi got eliminated from the show as they didn’t become an ideal match. This was the last dome session. Later, Rannvijay announces the results of the ‘Dress To Kill’ task and informs everyone that Kat and Kevin won the task and the second couple is Jay Dudhane and Aditi Rajput, and eventually, they get safe. After KatVin’s exit, the hosts reveal that they had conducted an Instagram reel challenge between the Gold Villa’s ideal matches. Interestingly, Dhruv Malik wins the challenge. Because of it, Sapna and Dhruv get the power to send one couple from the danger zone in front of the oracle. Rannvijay tells them that if a couple whom they are sending in front of the oracle, becomes an ideal match, the other couple will get dumped from the show. And if they don’t become the sixth ideal match, they will get dumped.

Dhruv and Sapna choose Trevon Dias and Samruddhi Jadhav for the same. Sadly, the couple doesn’t become the ideal match and gets dumped in the last dome session of Splitsvilla 13. Because of it, Piyush Manwani and Avantika Sharma survive the last dome session. Kevin’s exit comes as a shock to Sapna and Dhruv, where post the dome session, they feel very lonely and lost. Avantika comes to Sapna and tells her to be strong, but in return, she tells Avantika that this game is incomplete without Kevin and Kat as they were close to them and used to discuss every move and plan things with them. Now, they feel that the game isn’t worth playing without them. In the end, Sapna says that she wishes that in the last 2 -3 seconds, Kevin should have controlled his anger. Then, he would have been with them in the game and could have won it. Well, no doubt that Sapna and Kevin are best of friends and were each other’s support.The finale of the show is next week, and the winner seems to be from the “Boombang” team.

Winner of Splitsvilla 13?

jay and aditi splitsvilla 13 winner

Apart from that, we also got to know that members from ‘Boom Baam’ group Shivam Sharma, Bhoomika Vasishth, Nikhil Malik and Pallak Yadav reached the top three positions. Well, the show is being aired on MTV and fans are waiting for the grand finale of the show. The winners will be officially revealed in the Splitsvilla 13’s grand finale episode. Well some users are commenting on Instagram that
Jay Dudhane And Aditi Rajput won the title of Splitsvilla 13 .

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