TEETH (its composition, Types and common diseases) : Teeth formula for humans and parts of human teeth

TEETH (its composition,types and common diseases)

We all heard this word teeth we are also familiar with this word in our day to day life and it is one of the most useful parts of our body. Teeth place very important role in our life style. Suppose how will look without it yes I know this is little weird but in today’s generation to whom the king is very common in children because of eating a lot of chocolates and junk food and due to junk food they didn’t get enough nutrition and and don’t take prope take care of the tooth and this result into a lot of serious diseases.

human teeth

In a very early age today celebration suffer from bad breath which technical term is pyorrhea and you if you are suffering from diarrhoea this will cost you a lot to your personality also.if you are suffering from per your bad breath it will result in very bad smell from your mouth and trust me no one is  like to talk with you for a second.I will try to maintain some distance from you and for sure you don’t like this maintaining teeth in today’s world is very important and it plays a very important role in personality also. But have you ever think what teeth’s consists of which makes it strongest part of a body for how it is composed of our how many types of teeth we have?

Types of Human teeth:-

Types of human Teeth

Mainly four types :-

  • Incisor
  • Canines
  • Molars
  • Premolars

Human teeth formula:-

Teeth formula:-human teeth also as a scientific formula which is 2123/2123 for adults and 2102/2102 for a 6year old children

Teeth a twice in a lifetime in human beings and scientific term for this is diphyodont
Human teeth are heterodont means four types diphyodont which means occurs two times in our lifetime and thecodont (embedded in jaw bone)

Human teeth composition :-

  • Teeth is made up of mostly calcium phosphate which make it so strong and hard.
  • The outermost covering is enamel which made by a mile blood cells which is ectodermal in origin.
  • Then we have done time which is made up of odontoblast cells which is mesodermal in origin
  • Other portions are also present like cementum pulp periodontal ligament sheperd’s perforating fibres and much more

Parts of Human teeth:-

human teeth

Human teeth is divided and two three different parts

  1. crown-it is the outermost portion which is visible and it covers two third portion of total teeth.
  2. neck-it lies between the crown and root and it is smallest with respect to other parts.
  3. Root-this portion is deeply embedded into the bone that supports the tooth. This part lies below the gums and we cannot see  it by naked eyes.

Common teeth Diseases :-

1)Bad breath(haliostasis)
According to dental studies it is a most common disease about 85% of people suffering from bad breath.

2)tooth decay
Common word for this is cavities it is the second most common disease in this condition acids are produce that affect tooth enamel.

It is periodontal disease it affects the gums around in the teeth.

4)Oral cancer
It is the most deadly disease and affect millions of people.

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