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The Black Phone movie Review and Download Safely in High Quality

You’ve come to the right spot if you are looking to download The Black Phone. This page contains all information about downloading The Black Phone. The Black Phone is a 2021 American coming-of-age supernatural horror film directed with the aid of using Scott Derrickson and written with the aid of using Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill, who each produced with Jason Blum. It is a variation of the 2004 brief tale of the identical call with the aid of using Joe Hill. This page contains all information regarding The Black Phone Download, including the cast and official release date.

The Black Phone Storyline

In 1978, a serial child kidnapper nicknamed “The Grabber” roams the streets of a Denver suburb. Siblings Finney and Gwen Blake live in the area with their abusive, alcoholic father. with a classmate, Robin, fighting off bullies. A boy from another school that Finney knew, Bruce, is kidnapped by Grabber.

Gwen, who has psychic dreams similar to her late mother, dreams that Bruce is kidnapped and sees him being taken away by a man in a black van carrying black balloons. Detectives Wright and Miller question Gwen, but struggle to believe her claims. The Grabber kidnaps Robin and Finney days later.

Finney wakes up in a soundproof basement. An unplugged black rotary phone hangs on the wall, which Grabber says isn’t working. Later, Finney hears the phone ring and picks it up. Bruce’s ghost, unable to remember his own name or who he was while he was alive, tells Finney about a tile he can remove to dig a tunnel and escape.

The police manhunt for Finney remains unsuccessful. The Grabber brings Finney food and leaves the basement door open. Finney tries to sneak away, but another guy on the phone named Billy stops him. He explains that this is a game the Grabber is playing and that he’s upstairs waiting to attack Finney. with a belt when you exit the basement.

Billy instructs him to use a rope Billy found to climb out of the basement window. As he climbs up, Finney breaks the bars on the window, preventing him Gwen dreams that Billy is kidnapped and tells her father what is happening. Wright and Miller talk to an eccentric man named Max who is in the area with his brother.

It is revealed that Finney is being held in Max’s basement. , of which he is unaware, and Grabber is his brother. After a heated exchange with Grabber, during which he tests Finney’s honesty, he makes Finney look like he let him go. Finney is on the phone with another of his victims, Griffin.

Griffin shows Finney the combination to a lock and informs him that Grabber fell asleep upstairs. Finney sneaks upstairs and opens the door, but Grabber’s dog warns him of Finney’s escape. Finney flees down the street but is recaptured.

Dejected at his failed escape attempt, Finney answers the phone to hear another victim, a thug named Vance, who Finney was afraid of Freezer on the other side of the wall. Finney punches a hole with the toilet tank lid and enters through the back of the freezer, only to find the freezer door locked. The phone rings again with Robin at the end of the line.

He comforts Finney and encourages him to finally get up and fight for himself. He instructs Finney to remove the phone receiver and pack it with the earth he dug up to use as a weapon. Gwen dreams that Vance is kidnapped and discovers the Grabber’s belongings. She finds the house and contacts Wright and Miller.

Max realizes that Finney is being held inside the house and runs down to the basement to free him, but is killed with an ax by his brother. The police rush to the house Gwen found, but find it empty. In the basement, they find the buried bodies of the Grabber’s victims. The Grabber attacks Finney with the ax but Finney manages to trip the Grabber on the rope causing him to fall into the tunnel Finney dug where the Grabber breaks and catches his ankle in the side-mounted window bars.

The ghosts taunt Grabber on the phone before Finney breaks his neck with the phone cord, killing him. Finney distracts the guard dog with meat from the freezer and escapes the house with the combination he learned. Finney exits the house across from the graves, where he is reunited with Gwen, and the police rush to the property. The brothers comfort each other like their father. he comes and apologizes for his treatment. Back at school, a confident Finney sits next to his crush in class.

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