TONGUE : What is Tongue, Composition Of Tongue, Parts of Tongue, Diseases Related to Tongue

What is Tongue and everything about Tongue

tongue is present in oral cavity and it is very helpful in your daily life have you ever imagine your life without tongue and if it is not present in our body we cannot taste any kind of food whether it is sweet in taste sour in taste or it is testless we can’t predict these  kind of taste  without our tongue. Tongue is also the one of the most flexible part of our body and it is a muscular organ present in your mouth.Tum has many functions like testing of food as it consists of thousands of taste buds and it also help in injection of food in a food pipe and it is also very helpful in speech also. It consists of a large network which transmit different kind of taste signals to our brain because of this our tongue detect all kind of taste which  food contain and it also helps in natural cleansing of our teeth.

Composition Of Tongue

.the tongue is covered by most and pink in colour tissue called as mucosa. This mucosa is also present in our alimentary canal. The tongue is connected on the upper side with the help of styloid process to temporal bone and on the lower side with hyoid bone. The tongue is divided into two parts by the help of an inverted v shape succus terminales.the anterior oral part consists of projections on mucosa called as lingual papillae or taste buds. The posterior pharyngeal portion consists of lingual tonsils


1) Circumuwallate
Largest papillae with Central groups and are 8 to 10 in number and each popular consists of hundred taste buds
It is present on the lateral surface and on tip of the tongue and these are rounded papilae and each papilae consists of five taste buds
it is present on Central portion and is most numerous in number and it do not consist of any taste buds and only touch receptors are present
It is d generated in humans and is of the leaf shape

Parts of Tongue:-

parts of tongue
 It consists of three parts :-
•Oral part which is present on the front portion of tongue
•pharyngeal part present on the back
•fibrous tissue which present on the left and right sides

Diseases Related to Tongue :-

•Oral cancer-it is is common in that people who smoke or drink alcohol on a regular basis. In this condition also appears on the term and grows continuously if once occur
•trush – it can be occurs in every people this condition is caused by a yeast called is candida albicians
•hairy tongue – this condition occurs when popular overgrowth on the surface of the tongue which result in white black appearance of the tongue
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