Top 10 Upcoming Marvel Movies with Release date : List of Upcoming Marvel Movies and Webseries.

Marvel movies or Web series all are full of action and thriller and fans are awaited for the new movies to be released. The following movies are going to be released by Marvel in upcoming months or years.

1.She Hulk : Attorney at law.


The next upcoming series of MCU is She hulk. In She hulk the character name Jennifer walters  as She Hulk is the cousin of Bruce Banner (Hulk ) .Bruce helps him to become a superhero with Gamma radiation .She Hulk has both Physical and mental strength which she can use during fight.

(Premiere date :17 August,2022 on Disney +hotstar).

2.Black panther: Wakanda Forever

The first film of this series was outstanding  with the efforts of Chadwick Boseman  .But after his death ,Mark Ruffalo has faced many challenges in making this film because the role of Chadwick Boseman  as Black panther was unreplacable but the Director has found some way to replace it .the film release in theatres on 11 November,2022.

(Release Date:11 November ,2022 in Cinemas)

3. Guardians of The Galaxy Holiday Special


The team of Guardians of The Galaxy is to be at next level.the event of Holiday special premiere take place between Thor :love and Thunder and Guardians of The Galaxy vol3.  Director and Writer James confirmed its release upto christmas,2022.


(Release date:Christmas,2022 on Disney + hotstar)

4.What if….? season 2

In  the first season of What if..? many  superheroes of opposite timelines in the Multiverse of MCU. In  the extended version of this  series  many superheroes with opposite nature will play the role including captain carter, Steve rogers,  Hela ,Star Lord, Black widow and many more. The release date has been not confirmed yet but soon be announced.

( release date: starting 2023,Disney+hotstar)

5.Ant Man and The Wasp :Qauntanmania


This movie will be the third part of Ant Man and The Wasp series .Scott lang as Ant Man and Hope van as the wasp will be feature in this film .The film based on the Quantum realm World and Major kang :the conqueror will make his screen debut from this film.

(Release date: 17 February,2023 in Cinemas)

6.Guardians of The Galaxy vol3


Guardians of The Galaxy vol3 is an upcoming suoerheroes film .It is aimed to be the sequel of the Guardians of The Galaxy (2014) and Guardians of The Galaxy vol2(2017). The film is directed and written  by James gunn and starring Chris patt, Zoe saldana,Dave bautista,vin diesel and many more cast.

(Release date:5 May,2023 in Cinemas)

7.Loki season 2

In loki season 1 the TVA (Time variance agency) helped the picture to be ended in thriller way.The Loki will comeback in the season 2.It was anounced that loki will be released in the Mid summer ,2023.

(Release date:Summer,2023 on Disney +hotstar)

8.The Marvels

Captain Marvel which is now named as The Marvels, is under directing of Nia Dicosta. Along with this the film will also feature Ms Marvel  which was released on Disney + hotstar on 8June ,2022. The OTT platform on which it will released has not been revealed till now.

(Release date:23 July,2023 on OTT)

9.The Avengers: Kang Dynasty

The Avengers: Kang Dynasty will be the next officially anounced Avengers film after endgame. Major kang :the conqueror will make his screen debut from Ant Man and The Wasp :Qauntanmania  is the main villian in this film. The release  date of this film has been anounced as it 2 may ,2025.

(Release date: 2 May,2025 in Cinemas)

10.The Avengers: Sceret wars

The Avengers secret wars will be released after six  months of  The Avengers: Kang Dynasty on 7 November,2025. The Secret wars will be the Comic run which will show the  Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men  has joined together to stop an unconsiderable threat.

(Release date: 7 November,2025 in Cinemas)
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