Top 5 Best Websites from where you can find your dream jobs ASAP.

Top 5 Best Websites from where you can find your dream jobs ASAP.

In today’s online smart world One of the most common ways for job seekers to find employment opportunities is through job search websites. Now there is no need to go to different companies and organizations for seeking jobs. Using a job website is one of the best and most efficient ways to search for and apply to dozens of opportunities.


There are more than a hundred such websites. To find the best job websites to kick off your search. We’ve done the research and personally checked different job websites before selecting the top 5 websites to help you determine the best job websites. We have selected all these websites after considering the number of listings on each site, ease of use, costs, advanced features, industries and experience levels served, and reputation.



1. Indeed


Indeed is an American worldwide employment website for job listings it was launched in November 2004. it was started with a simple mission to help people in finding jobs. At present time Indeed is the world’s largest job website, it has 250 million unique monthly visitors. It adds new job listings every second.



Indeed is overall best as it posts listings for job seekers in every industry, every level from entry to executive, and every lifestyle (freelance, part-time, internship, full-time). Candidates can easily search by job title and location, salary range, date posted, and experience level.  It is one of the best and 100% free for job seekers it is not compulsory to have an indeed account. The only benefit of having an account is it will allow you to receive email alerts when new jobs are posted, upload your resume to complete applications more quickly, and receive messages from recruiters and prospective employers.



2. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service. It was Launched on May 5, 2003. Since December 2016, it has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft. It was started with a simple mission to help people in finding jobs. Linkedin is mainly used for professional networking and allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs.

At present time Linkedin is the world’s largest professional networking platform, it has over 740 million registered users from all around the world and across all industries.



LinkedIn serves as a database for open opportunities, a digital resume platform, and a social networking tool all in one. Unlike most other job websites, LinkedIn allows you to add recruiters and other people of interest to your virtual network, making it the best website for connecting directly with recruiters.

Once you register yourself and filled out your LinkedIn profile, you can use it to apply to open positions and send connection requests (similar to Facebook friend requests) to grow your professional network. If your profile is well-optimized for search, recruiters may message you directly about applying for specific opportunities.

Although LinkedIn is free for everyone but LinkedIn also offers a premium membership option that allows you to see who viewed your profile, detailed insights on the other applicants who applied for the listings you’re interested in, and the ability to send messages to people you’ve not yet connected with.



3. Glassdoor


Glassdoor company was cofounded in 2007 by Tim Besse, Robert Hohman.  It was started with a simple mission to bring salary transparency and honest company reviews to millions of current and prospective employees.

At present time Glassdoor has almost more than 1.3 million employers in their database and also 70 million company reviews and insights not only that it also has nine million job listings. On this website, all current and former employees anonymously review different companies. It also allows users to anonymously submit and view salaries as well as search and apply for jobs on its platform



To start the search for a job on Glassdoor, you can create a profile then you can upload your resume, and sign up for email alerts to get curated lists of job opportunities. Please notice it’s not necessary to register yourself it is optional.  You can also browse active listings using the site’s search bar.

On Glassdoor you can simultaneously search for open jobs, it provides detailed information on each company’s culture, CEO, benefits, and salary data. On each job listing, you’ll see information about the position and how to apply, an overview of the company, anonymous ratings, and reviews of the company and its CEO, as well as salary and benefits information. These all features make Glassdoor best for employee research.



4. Scouted


Scouted is the best website for recent college graduates and also for those students who are still in college. This website was created in 2015 with a very simple and logical viewpoint that people are more than just their resumes. But later in February 2021 Scouted was acquired by



You can build your Scouted profile by just adding links to websites or portfolios of other platforms like LinkedIn, indeed, Or by uploading a copy of your resume. The second step is answering Scouted’s virtual interview questions. Although answering Scouted’s questions is not required, But the most important thing is the scouted itself claims that candidates who answer them are 58% more likely to be selected for an interview. once your profile is complete, you can browse open opportunities on the Find Jobs tab and click “apply” on any relevant listings.

Scouted’s unique matchmaking-style approach to hiring makes it the best job website for college graduates looking to land their first entry-level full-time opportunity after graduation. Scouted’s proprietary software takes your profile data and interview answers and acts as a matchmaking service between you and the companies you’ve applied to. If a suitable match is found, you’ll be invited to a first-round interview. All Scouted job search features are free to use.



5. LinkUp


The linkUp is one of the best websites for providing up-to-date job listings. Linkup was created in 2009 it uses exclusive software technology that scrapes the whole web for freshly posted job listings that obviously creates a higher quality database and better search experience for job searchers.


Top 5 Best Websites from where you can find your dream jobs ASAP.


It adds new job listings to its database almost within an hour exactly the same as originally posted, which makes it the most suitable and convenient for those who are looking to be the first to apply to newly listed opportunities from all over the world. It adds up-to-date job listings in almost all the fields that include education, finance, healthcare, law, marketing, and tech.

The linkup is totally free to use, and job seekers can browse through all opportunities without signing up for an account. However, an account login allows users to save job listings for later, sign up for job alert email notifications, and save their browsing history and searches so you can replicate them any time on any device.


I hope you like this information if anything is missed regarding this website you can comment down and thanks for reading.


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