Top Companies own by TATA according to their Net worth

TATA Group was founded by Jamshedji Tata around  154 years ago in 1868. From then till now TATA group contributed an important role in development of  Infrastructure in India. They also contribute upto 4 percent to India’s GDP.


TATA  group owns 29 publicly listed companies which collectively makes a net worth of 314 Billion Dollars(INR 23.4 trillion) that is likely to be compared with some countries GDP.

The following are Top 10 Companies own by TATA Group with their some information-:

1 TATA Consultancy Services (TCS)

It is an IT services , management problems solutions provider which has been helping the biggest companies of the world since 50 years in making them succesful.

TCS gives a team that discuss solutions of the problem related to technology and enigineering  and give them innovative ideas to perform well. TCS is Highest market cap holding company of TATA . 

TCS generates the Market cap around $100 billion(INR 769,497 crores) and revenue $20.5 billion(INR 152,497 cr) in a financial year .

2.TATA Steel Limited

TATA Group is mainly known for the Steel production and was founded for this purpose but after its success the TATA expands its business. It was Asia’s first private steel producing company established in 1907.

It is one of  the world,s  highest steel producing countries of the world . Revenue of TATA steel $22 Billion(INR 1,60,ooo cr) and market cap $8 billion (INR 39,939 cr) in a financial year. It has the capacity of 10 MnTPA production per day.

3.TATA Motors Limited

It is one of the highest leading automobile manufacturing company of the world. This company includes wide range of cars, trucks and buses

This company holds global network of many joint ventures comapanies , including JAGUAR and LAND ROVER the two leading luxurious car manufacturer of the world. Revenue of TATA Motors Limited $21.9 Billion(INR 296,769 cr)  and market cap INR 41,562 cr in a financial year.

4.Air India

The Air India was founded by Jamshetji Tata by the name Tata Airlines .


Air India logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

The Government of India ,sale the enterprise to the Tata and sons . Air India owns a fleet of Airbus and boieng  Aircraft. The Air India has been spread across over 4 continents in their 60 continents. The revenue Air India in a Financial year is $3.3 billion (INR 26,370).

5. TITAN Company Limited 

Titan was formed in the joint venture between TATA group and Tamilnadu Industrial  Development Corporation  in 1984. Started manufacturing under TITAN watches limited.

Titan Watches limited is the fifth largest producer of watches overall in the world. It has revenue of INR 19,070 cr  and market cap INR118,027 cr in a financial year.  

6.TATA Chemicals Limited

It was established in 1939, it is one of the main part of TATA subsidiaries .The business of this TCL company has been spread across 5 continents in their 40+ countries.

It manufacture 6th largest sodium bicarbonate, 3rd largest soda ash in the world. It has been divided in three basic divsions  Basic customer products, Customer products, and speciality products.  It has revenue of  INR 11,449cr band market cap INR 15,063 cr in a ,financial year.  

7.The Tata Power company limited

Like other Tata companies ,it has also subsidiary companies and joint ventures. It links the power pack of renewable and conventional energy and other sources of energy.

TATA power has capacity to produce 10,957 MW. Tata power plants has been established across seven states of Maharashtra, Guajarat , Tamilnadu , Karnataka , Rajasthan ,Andhra pradesh and Madhya pradesh become number one in wind power generation in India. It has revenue of INR 30,22o cr in a financial year.

8.The Indian Hotels Company Limited

The Hotel company of TATA opened its first hotel in Mumbai in 1903 name TAJ Palace. The IHCL alos runs many resorts, hotels ,spas, safaris, etc. The headquarter of the IHCL is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This group is founded by Jamshetji  Tata. It has revenue of 4,552 cr INR  and market cap of 17,952  cr INR in a financial year.

9.TATA Communication Limited

One more subsidiaries of TATA empire .It is a telecommunication enterprise which was before run as the name of Videsh Sanchar nagam Limited. It was previously hold by Government of India ‘s Ministry of Communication. 

Government later sold it to TATA group. It has market cap of 14,000 cr INR in a financial year.

10.TATA Voltas Limited

TATA Voltas is home appliance air conditioner manufacturing company which has business whole over India. It was a partnership between Tata sons and Volkart Brothers on 6 september,1954.

Voltas appliances is exported to many countries . It has capital of INR 8,156 cr.

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