Urfi Javed said if I wear bikini , it is cheap, if a star kid wear , then it is glamorous

Urfi Javed said if I wear bikini , it is cheap, if a star kid wear , then it is glamorous

Actress Urfi Javed could not last long in ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, but she still remains in discussion more than the contestants present in it. The most talked about in this is on her dressing style. Many times she was also trolled because of her clothes. On which once again Urfi has hit back at the trollers. She also raised the issue of discrimination between TV celebs and Bollywood celebrities. Urfi Javed knows how to be in discussions. She is always in the headlines for one reason or the other. Be it your statement or fashion sense or amazing-dressing. This time Urfi Javed is in discussions due to her new look and users are trolling her. However, this is not the first time that Urfi Javed has been trolled for her fashion sense.


Even before this, many times social media users have trolled her for her dressing sense. Discrimination has often been seen between TV celebs and Bollywood celebrities. The way celebs in the Bollywood industry are warmly welcomed by the audience and fans, in the same way TV celebs are not welcomed. TV celebs are liked a little less. They rarely get a chance to move forward. Recently, Urfi Javed was seen in ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. Although, Urfi has a good fan following on social media, but very few people know her in the world of TV. On social media, Urfi Javed often comes under the target of trolls for her fashion sense and wearing bikini. She has also got to hear people’s criticism many times. Recently, the actress shared two screenshots on Instagram, in which a star kid was seen in the first, which was described by the media as glamorous.

At the same time, in the second photo, she showed herself, in which someone told her that you show a lot of skin. People troll her because of her bold fashion sense. The actress feels that she is being discriminated against. She has shared a video (urfi javed video) to explain this, in which she is saying, ‘When I wear a bikini, I have become cheap and have skin, but when starkids wear bikini, they look very bold. After this statement of Urfi Javed, many people praised her fiercely. One user wrote, ‘It depends on you what you like to wear. If you listen to people’s words, then you will never be able to carry the outfit of your choice.

Urfi had said in an interview that instead of talking about her , people discuss about her outfit. People have been accusing her of getting publicity, about which she said that if she wanted so, she would have gone to the airport without clothes. She says, ‘My existence is not limited to clothes. Why don’t people talk about me? Whatever clothes I wear, people make bad comments. People say something or the other.’ Urfi doesn’t care what people say. She will wear the dress that she likes. She belongs to Lucknow. Urfi says about the family, ‘I grew up in a conservative family in Lucknow, yet my clothes did not become an issue.’

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