Value for money Headphone under 50$ : Best in quality and sound

Value for money Headphone under 50$

In this smart technology, virtual era.Where all the things become online like office, schools, games, entertainment you really want good headphone.

But the main problem is there is a large number of headphones are present in the market its difficult to choose the best one for ourself. So today we came up with the best value for money headphones for you that you can order now.


1. CO  WIN E7 Headphone

At the top of the list, we came up with the COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones that is truly amazing. it comes with a High-quality built-in Microphone.

These Deep Bass  Over-Ear Wireless Headphones have  Protein Earpads which provides maximum comfortability to the user. Also, it gives us 30 Hours of Playtime for Travel, Work, gaming, etc.

Value for money Headphone under 50$ : Best in quality and sound

These headphones come in many different cool colors such as:
  • black
  • white
  • blue
  • red
  • yellow
  • green
  • purple


Its Active Noise Cancelling technology  Significant noise reduction for travel, work, and anywhere in between. Also, the advanced active noise reduction technology reduces airplane cabin noise, city traffic, or a busy office and makes you more focused on what you want to hear, and lets you enjoy your music, movies, and videos. The noise cancellation function can work well both in wire and wireless mode.

It has a 750mAh built-in battery that won’t allow your headphones to power off. Through these headphones, you can enjoy your world without noise for 30 hours’ long time and don’t need to worry about the power shortage problem on the long travel.

This headphone comes with an 18-month warranty card. These all features and specifications make it a true value for money.

2. iJoy Matte Headphones

iJoy Matte is a cool Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Headphone. it is a beautifully designed Foldable Over-Ear headphone that comes with an effective noise cancelation Mic. Its Ear cups fit around your ears easily and help to isolate the audio and its Foldable design is easy to carry.

Value for money Headphone under 50$ : Best in quality and sound

These headphones come in many different cool colors such as:
  •  Blue
  • Lime
  • Pink
  • Violet
  • Rose Gold
  • Stealth
  • Sun


This headphone has a 5-button control panel that includes Play/pause/answer/hangup, Equalizer, Next track/volume up, Previous track/volume down. Iijoy mate has a Micro SD card plug-in, built-in Radio receiver, and also Built-in Mic for Hands-Free calling.

3. Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Headphone

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 is a high-tech Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones it is a Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones which give us 40 Hours long Playtime after a full charge. also, its   Memory Foam Ear Cups make it super comfortable for  Travel, Home, and  Office.

Value for money Headphone under 50$ : Best in quality and sound

It comes in two different classic colors
  • black
  • silver

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 is Hi-Res Audio Certified it is a certification only awarded to audio devices capable of producing exceptional sound. These headphones reproduce your music with extended high frequencies that reach up to 40 kHz and provide extraordinary clarity and detail.

It has built-in ANC microphones and a wonderful digital active noise cancellation algorithm. Through this hybrid active noise cancellation, it can detect and cancel out a wider range of low and mid-frequency noises such as cars and airplane engines.

All of these headphones are totally value for money you can order any of them right now.


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