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Vezham movie Review

Nice movie !! Director Sandeep Shyam’s debut has come out really well. Takes it slow and nice for first half and accelerates with suspenses and twists towards the end. The music direction is also debut but the melody and how it gets along with the movie’s phase is expectiobally good.

Vezham movie download filmyzilla   

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Vezham movie download in hindi filmyzilla

Vezham movie download in ibomma (2022) Hindi dubbed Or in English or Deaf or Hard- of Hearing (SDH) These were the formats in which you were able to watch movies, Television, Webseries In most of the cases. Most of the OTT platforms provide audiences with one of the three options to make their Vezham movie more accessible and easy to understand by the audience.   

Newly release Vezham Full movie download with subtitles & watch online version of Vezham movie in resolutions like 1080p, 720p, 480p. You can download Vezham move in Hindi, WEB-DL, HDRip, WEBRip, & mp4 video formats. Vezham move is available in full hd on different online movie-watching websites for free in mkv.   

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  • Vezham movie (Subtitles for Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing)   

Vezham movie download 720p To download this movie you have to go to Movie theater or if you want to download Vezham movie telegram download link you have to click on the above download Vezham movie.   

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Types of subtitles To Download Vezham movie  

  1. Subtitles for Vezham movie : There  are many different types of  subtitles for Vezham full movie download 480p if the viewer is not able to understand the part of the movie or he is not able to understand any part of the movie then he and she can watch by the subtitles. This subtitle part is not recommend.   
  2. SDH for Vezham movie : SDH is the subtitle for index of Vezham movie download 1080p. SDH for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Season 3 movie you have to watch this part. Why SDH is important. The viewers who watch movie from the foreign and not able to understand the language of the movie then they have to watch the movie with the SDH subtitle. This is also recommend for the viewers who have hearing problems.   
  3. Closed Caption for Vezham movie : There are close caption of the movie  Vezham movie hindi dubbed download.   
  4. The closed caption of a movie is to watch by the viewers of same language to understand the difficult part or conversations of the movie. This is not recomended for the foreign viewers.   

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Vezham movie release date  

The release date of Vezham is 24 June 2022. The budget of Vezham was Rs 15- 20 Crores.

Vezham movie Storyline  

With innocent folks falling prey to a psychotic murderer, Ashok fights against all the chances to unveil the mysteries of his past and request retribution for the injustice that happened to the love of his life.

Vezham movie Cast

  • Mohan Agashe                                                                  Leena’s Grandfather
  • Arya
  • Asmitha
  • Shanaaya Daphne Farhan
  • Vettri Gugan
  • Baby Harshika
  • Janani Iyer
  • Harish Kalyan
  • Kamaldeep
  • Keerthana
  • D.R.K. Kiran
  • Prashanth Kirubakaran
  • Kitty                                                                                 Joseph (Leena’s Father)
  • Aravindan Kulaindaivelu
  • Dhileepan Kumar
  • S LalitadityaIswarya Menon
  • K.K. Menon
  • Sangili Murugan                                                               Grocery Shop Owner
  • Muthuraman
  • Vicky Nagesh
  • David Nithyananth
  • Parvez
  • Pradeep
  • Ajai Prasath                                                                      Karthik
  • Rahul
  • Venkat Ramesh
  • Karthick Raja. S
  • Ajay Salamon
  • Ashok Selvan
  • Vijay Sethupathi
  • Shathiga
  • Leo Sivadass
  • Sowmyanarayanan   
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