What are Stocks and it’s type : Benefits Of Investing In Stocks

What are Stocks

what are stocks

A stock, additionally referred to as equity, may be a security that represents the possession of a fraction of the issue corporation. Units of stock square measure referred to as “shares” that entitles the owner to a proportion of the corporation’s assets and profits adequate to what proportion stock they own.

Stocks square measure bought and sold-out preponderantly on stock exchanges and square measure the inspiration of the many individual investors’ portfolios. Stock trades got to change to government rules meant to shield investors from fallacious practices.

Types of Stocks

There are many types of stocks in this world or stock markets. While the New York Stock Exchange has typically had around 1,800 to 1,850 listed domestic corporations, october 2020 saw a spike up to 2,363. In total, as of june 2022, the New York Stock Exchange had a combined total of 2,584 listed domestic and international corporations, whereas the data system had a far higher 3,790. Some stocks are given below-

  1. Common stock
  2. Value stocks
  3. Preferred stock
  4. Small-cap stocks
  5. Large-cap stocks
  6. Mid-cap stocks
  7. Non-cyclical stocks
  8. Domestic stock
  9. International stocks
  10. Growth stocks
  11. IPO stocks
  12. Dividend stocks
  13. Income stocks
  14. Cyclical stocks stocks
  15. Non-cyclical stocks
  16. ESG stocks
  17. Blue chip stocks
  18. Penny stocks
  19. Safe stocks


There are some difference between stocks and shares that are given below-

  1. Definition:   ‘Stock’ represents the holder’s part-ownership in one or many firms. Meanwhile, ‘share’ refers to one unit of possession in an exceedingly company. for instance, if X has invested with in stocks, it may mean that X includes a portfolio of shares across totally different firms. however if X has invested with in shares, following queries ought to specialise in ‘shares of that company’ or ‘how several shares’.
  2. Ownership:   once a personal owns shares of many firms, you’ll say that they own stocks. however if somebody bought shares of a selected company, they solely own shares.
  3. Denomination:   people UN agency own stocks have the choice to settle on totally different stocks of various values. those that own shares in an exceedingly specific company will, of course, own multiple shares. however the shares can solely be of constant or equal worth.
  4. Paid-up value:   Stocks area unit continuously absolutely paid in nature. However, shares can be either part or fully-paid up.
  5. Nominal value:   This value is allotted to every share at the time the stock is issued. it’s totally different from the value that varies supported demand for and provide of the shares.
  6. Kind of investment:   Shares will visit an outsized cluster of economic instruments called securities. they’ll embody mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), restricted partnerships, property investment trusts, etc. however stocks significantly visit company equities and securities listed on a securities market.

Benefits Of Investing In Stocks

There are many benefits of investing is stocks like earning money and many more some of these are explained here-

1. Smooth and Continuous Transactions

Associate degree capitalist who buys a specific company’s stock basically means that obtaining associate degree possession stake in this specific company. Thus, it’ll provide the investors a sense of possession once buying stocks.

2. Diversification

Investors who place their hard-earned cash into multiple styles of investment, a stock exchange investment delivers a serious advantage by providing diversification. The investments within the stock exchange modification its worth severally of alternative investments like bonds and realty.

3. Dividend benefits

A dividend refers to a present that the corporate provides to its investors. In easy words, it’s a further financial gain of the corporate for investors that’s paid yearly by each company.

4. Investment Gains

One in all the main edges of finance within the stock exchange is that investors get the prospect to earn extra money. Over time, if the stock exchange rises in worth, the costs of a specific stock will rise or fall.

5. Liquidity

Stocks area unit typically called assets as a result of they’ll be simply regenerate to money that consists of many consumers at any given purpose in time.

6. Higher Returns over the Short Term

The largest and first advantage of finance in stocks is that it’s the potential to get high returns during a short amount of your time compared to alternative investments roads like Bank FDs.

7. They are well protected by SEBI

The stock exchange of India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} is regulated by the exchange Board of India (SEBI). Security Board Exchange of Asian country (SEBI) is majorly chargeable for control the stock exchanges, their developments and chiefly protective the rights of all the investors.

8. Flexibility to speculate in Smaller Amounts

Associate degree capitalist is trying to enter the stock exchange will begin their little investments within the stock exchange by buying stocks of small-capitalisation or mid-cap firms however in smaller units.

9. Advantage Of The Growing Economy

Company earnings typically tend to extend as there’s growth in associate degree economy. this can be typically because of many factors like enlarged job creation, resulting in a rise in financial gain and sales.

10. Easy process of buying and selling

The method of shopping for and commercialism within the stock exchange is easy and simple for all investors. shopping for of stocks is completed with the assistance of a broker, money planner, or on-line mode.

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