What Are The Major Difference Between Windows 10 And Windows 11

Major Difference Between Windows 10 And Windows 11, are as follows :

As we all know that Windows 11 is coming soon. It is coming after the long time and with many more features than the Windows 10. Windows 10 is the most recent version of Microsoft Windows operating system.

Note: An operating system is very useful in computer. It manages all the hardware and software on a computer.

According to a survey, the previous second version of Windows, Windows 8, was confusing and difficult to use. But Windows 10 includes a lot of new features and improvements. Now Window 11 is much better than the Window 10.

History of windows when it was developed and everything you should know about windows.

Now here we will discuss on the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11-

1. Changes In Design

Difference Between Windows 10 And Windows 11

The first or very attractive change is a rounded look on pretty much everything. Windows, menu panels and notification boxes all have matching rounded corners that give everything a softer look.

Windows 11 comes with dark mode, letting you swap between a brighter, more colorful look and a darker, more subdued color scheme that applies to everything from the desktop wallpaper to menus and apps.

Windows 10 is also one of the successful and attractive windows of Microsoft but windows 11 comes with many new features. So in The category of design windows 11 is new and clear winner.

2. Taskbar Changes

Difference Between Windows 10 And Windows 11

Another difference Windows 11 is the relocation of the Start menu, which is now at the bottom center of the screen by default.

While in windows 10 default taskbar comes in left corner but in settings you can easily change the position of taskbar to the right corner, Upside down, left side, right side etc.

3. Start Menu

Difference Between Windows 10 And Windows 11

The start menu has gotten an overhaul in Windows 11, moving away from the live tile approach introduced in Windows 8. Instead of large live tiles for individual applications, there is now an easy to manage grid of app icons.

Windows 11 is very faster with one-touch reopening. It also pulls up your files just as you left them.

In windows 10 there is no start menu it is just same like windows 7 and version’s below it but in windows 8 large tiles version of start menu was introduced first and that design of  tiles start menu may come in windows 11.

4. Snap Layouts And Multitasking

Difference Between Windows 10 And Windows 11

The snap function in Windows 11 has been updated with Snap Layouts, with several grid-based layout options that let you set up your open apps just how you want them.

Now you can access virtual desktops as many as you want in Window 11. Virtual desktops let you create different environments for different activities, like work, school and gaming. Different desktop options let you personalize with distinct wallpapers and let you group projects and programs for quick switching.

Snap your apps feature is introduced by windows 11 in their trailer video but this is not a new feature you can easily able to snap your apps in windows 10 also so this is not a new feature of windows 11.

5. Touch, Pen and Voice

Difference Between Windows 10 And Windows 11

Keyboard and mouse are still fully available, but Microsoft has changed the interface to work better when you aren’t using both, with improved support for touch, pen and voice input. The new onscreen keyboard comes with options for easier typing with thumbs.

These features were also in windows 10 but in windows 11 touch sensing, voice sensing and typing features were more optimized than windows 10.


6. Widgets

Difference Between Windows 10 And Windows 11

Windows 11 is fully based on AI. Its Widgets provide a collection of live feeds, giving you updates and recommendations on everything from calendar items and weather info to automatically personalized news and article suggestions. Widgets are stored in a slide out panel on the left-hand edge of the screen, and can be pulled out part way for a quick glance at new items, or all the way across the desktop to get a full screen experience.

In windows 10 widgets were only come in right corner and they open only when you click to open them but in windows 11 you can pin widgets to your screen or see all your save widgets in just one click.

7. Android Apps Arrive

The biggest feature in Windows 11 is the addition of Android app support. Now, Android apps can run on the desktop, in a separate window that can be used with Snap Layouts and can be used with touch, keyboard, mouse – every way you interact with Windows.

You can also use android apps in windows 10 but you have to download the computer version of that particular app but now you can easily access all the android apps in just one click.

Computer version of mobile apps were large is size and they make your computer slow so this feature is really helpfull for windows 11 users.

8. Gaming Upgrades

In Windows 11 the gaming experience is also increased in PC. The upgrade brings in DirectX 12 support for better high-frame rate gaming, and Auto HDR should simplify high-dynamic range improvements by running them without needing to futz with graphics card settings or tweak every time you want to switch between different monitors.

Windows 10 supports only DirectX 11, windows 11 is really good for all the game lovers. In this version of windows you can easily took your game to the next level of gaming.

9. Performance

Microsoft is boasting about performance improvements that come with the new operating system. Windows 11 should also deliver better efficiency for longer battery life on devices like laptops and tablets.

According to rummer’s and hype by Microsoft performance of windows 11 is much better than windows 10. But without using it, it’s hard to say anything about the performance of windows 11.


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