What are the secrets hidden in the Monalisa which makes it the world’s most mysterious painting?

What are the secrets hidden in the Monalisa which makes it the world’s most mysterious painting?

500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci made a painting in which hundreds of secrets are hidden.  A face that has puzzled and troubled people for centuries.  Mona lisa .  This single painting holds hundreds of secrets in itself.  In today’s article, we will know about the mysterious facts related to Monalisa, which you probably have never heard.Monalisa is such a popular painting, about which many types of searches are done on the Internet like – who was Monalisa, Monalisa History, Whose creation is Monalisa History, then know more, History of Monalisa, Mystery picture history. There are very few people who do something in their lives, which the world remembers even after death, and one of them is the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci and his creation, Monalisa.


1) On 23 June 1852, a young artist named Luc Maspero committed suicide by jumping from the fourth floor of a Paris hotel.  He was crazy about Monalisa’s secret smile.  He also left a suicide note in which he talked about years of love and waiting.In Italy, this painting is known as Colla Gioconda, which has been given the status of the world’s most famous painting.  The French government has all the rights to this painting.  Presently this work is on display in the world famous ‘Louvre’ museum.

2) The most mysterious thing about Monalisa which makes artists and thinkers think the most is the smile of Monalisa which looks different when viewed from different angles.  Meaning it keeps changing.On seeing this painting for the first time it is seen smiling then it fades and finally disappears. It took Leonardo da Vinci 12 years to make only the lips of the Monalisa.

3) Painting became famous due to theft

But what is it that makes it so famous.. its smile, its texture or the name of its maker..?  Actually ‘Mona Lisa’ was not always so famous.  There is also an interesting story behind its popularity.  This painting became famous because of a thief.  When Monalisa was stolen, most people did not know about this painting.  But that theft incident made it the world’s most talked-about painting.
The thief said, fell in love with the picture :
On this theft, he said that he had fallen in love with this picture.  At the same time, he wanted to take her to her original place in Italy.  Vincenzo, then 32, was jailed for 7 months for theft.  After this incident, Vincenzo Perugia in Italy became an example of being a patriot for the people there.  The painting was again brought to the Louvre Museum and has been there since then and millions of people come every year from all corners of the world to see it.

It is also said that the woman whose painting was made by Leonardo.  He is hiding a secret within himself.  For this reason, Monalisa’s smile is quite mysterious.  A few years ago, a doctor took the veil from this mystery and said that the two teeth on top of Monalisa are broken.  Because of this, his upper lip is slightly pressed inwards. Although even today it is not known who was Monalisa?  That is, the girl whose picture was made by Leonardo, that girl is also a mystery like this painting.  At the same time, one theory says that Monalisa was none other than Leonardo himself.  In this painting Leonardo made himself as a woman.  It is the most valuable painting ever, which is worth about $867 million.  Its price is about 6.4 thousand crores in India.

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