What if we beat the time : What happen if human were able to beat the time

Time is the thing that never ever stops. We cannot explain time in words because till now we were not able to beat it. All the researches from past to till now we get the conclusion that time not stops but today i share my opinion with you what if we beat the time.

Suppose we do a particular work in 1 hour and we all have same 24 hours in a day we cannot increase or decrease that amount of time or hours we have in a day. But what if we were able to do that particular work in less time. I know you didn’t get it so here is the explanation. Suppose we can do a particular work in 1 day or other work in 1 year or in 100 years but not every healthy person lives 100 years but what if we do that 100 year work in 1 year. Basically we cannot stop time or go towards it but what if increase the time that used to do a particular work.

Can we really beat time

One more example if you didn’t get it. A human born he wasted more than 18 years of his life to learn how to react what to study what to do in his life. And after it he goes for heigher studies after it he goes for making money marriage and all the common things an average person can do in his life. And in last he dies at the age of 70 but but but interesting thing comes now what if he lives that span of time in 10 years or in 20 years i know you say that it is not possible but also not impossible if some technique or technology comes in future.

I know this thinking or opinion do not properly applied on many things but think what if this is possible.

Thanks for reading if you reads it till here i hope you like it and these are my opinions  if you like it or feels it interesting share this with your friends or family members and it’s free to write your opinion below so kindly share it below.


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