What is Blogging : A beginner guide to start a blog and earn money money for free

What is Blogging

Blogging : From last few years blogging gained so much attention as a full time career. Most of the people try to earn money by blogging for free. But according to a research only 30% of blogger will success in this journey of earn money by blogging for free.

Few years back blogging is completely free and most of the new blogger use Blogpost and WordPress platforms for writing. Till today platform’s were not that much changed but the way blogging is completely changed.

Now everyone will able to make a free website and able to earn money in their collage life, school or as a hobby. So many of them will make blogging a full time career.

In this article i explain blogging from beginning so please don’t miss any steps :-

Blogspot vs WordPress

wordpress vs blogger

  • First and most important step is to make a website. If you want to start earning money by blogging for free, then first you have to decide which platform you were going to use.
  • There are two most common and most used platform’s most of the new blogger will use.
  • One is Blogspot and second is WordPress. Both blogging platforms were good but if you want to do blogging seriously then you should choose WordPress.
  • Because wordpress gives you more features and plugins to use which makes blogging so easy for new blogger’s.
  • Blogspot is also a good blogging platform if you just want to learn blogging or test your skills in blogging for the first time.
  • WordPress offers so many varieties of plugins which were very easy to use in compared to Blogspot.
Choosing a Domain

how to choose a domian

  • Choosing a Domain is also a very important factor in blogging field. A domain name will tell a brief or a outer intro about your website.
  • There are many type of domains used over the world, If you want to make a website for a particular country or for a particular region then you should use domains like : .us, .uk, .in. These types of domains will specify your country or region.
  • Mostly there are two parts in a domain separated by dots as i told like : .us, .uk, .in, etc.
  • If you want to make a website of a company or a organization then you should use domain like company.org Domains like this were mostly used by non-profitable organizations.
  • Or if you want to make a individual or a world wide targeting website or a blog then you should use domain’s like website.com
  • .COM domains are most common and widely used domains to establish your website all over the world.
Some Domain Example and there Descriptions.

com –        ibm.com      –    Commercial organization, as well as individuals.

net   –        att.net          –    Internet service providers and other network-related companies.

org   –        npr.org        –    Noncommercial ( often nonprofit ) organization.

gov   –        geo.gov       –     Government agencies.

mil   –         army.mil    –     Military websites.

edu  –         know.edu   –    Educational  websites.

Category or Niche of your website

how to choose niche of a website

  • Just before selecting a domian for your blog website first you have to decide on which category or on which topic you write articles.
  • There are so many categories availble but try to choose category of your website very wisely.
  • Chosse a category in which you are interested or a topic in which you have a good knowledge or interest.
  • If you don’t know your interest in any category then try to think in which subject or in which topic your mind attract’s more.
  • Like if you are a cricket lover then make a website related to cricket teams, team winn’s, team winning records etc.
  • Or if you have interest in gaming like pubg, cod, free fire, valorant, etc then choose a category related to them. Because if you write on a topic in which you are more interested then there is more chances of success in your blogging career.
  • So, choosing a category of blog website is one of the most important factor in success of a particular blog.
How to write a article or blog

How to write a article or blog

  • After choosing a category and a favorable domain for your blog website, Now you should focus on your article writing skills or skills to re-present your article or blog to viewers.
  • Writing a article for new blogger’s is really a very tough job but here are some common points which will help you to write a perfect targeted article for your blog.
  • First you have to choose your topic in which you want to write a article.
  • After selecting a topic then do some research on that topic from free research tools, like – H-supertools, google trends etc.
  • After doing some research on your topic start to write a article from a brief intro of your topic.
  • Then step by step come to the point that you want to explain to the reader.
  • First build a base then slowly slowly start serving to your reader.
  • Your article must be more than 1500 words in starting.
How to convert your article into money

earn by blogging

  • To earn money from your blog article’s you have to monetize your website.
  • Adsense is most common and easiest way to monetize your website in starting phases of your blogging journey.
  • Before applying for a adsense you have to write atleast 30+ articles on your website.
  • Try to write article more than 1500 words in starting phase of your website.
  • There is no particular criteria for adsense applying but your have to play safe to monetize your website.
  • In some cases websites will approved for showing ads with 10+ articles.
  • But also in some cases many websites get there adsense approval after posting 50+ articles in there websites.
  • After applying for adsense wait 3-15 days for your site check if your website is eligible for adsense you will recieve a email from adsense.
How to get Traffic on your blog

unlimited traffic on website

  • After getting adsense approval you have to focus on traffic of your website.
  • Because in initial stage of new website you have to divert some users on your website to read your articles.
  • To get traffic on your website there are several ways but for a beginner most common common ways to divert traffic through social media.
  • Through social media you can easily divert traffic to your article. Some common examples of social media are What’s app, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
How to get organic traffic to blog 
  • To get organic traffic to your article you have to write better article’s than your competitor.
  • Trending topics are also one of the most common topics to get traffic organically.
  • If any topic is on trend try to write on that topic faster than your competitor to rank higher and faster.

I hope you like this information if this information is really helpful for you share with your other blogger friends and become a successful blogger and earn money

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