What is digestive system, It’s Components and Diseases related to digestive system in human life

What is digestive system, It’s Components and Diseases related to digestive system.

You know food is the  most important thing which we required daily for survival if we can’t consume sufficient amount of food we will not survive and we died in a short period of time. So have you ever  think why this food is beneficial for a body, after we intake food where does it go in what are the processes which occurs in a body to take energy from it.food contains a lot of nutrients in it like carbohydrates proteins fats and lot of vitamins and minerals are also required in small quantities.who provides your body energy to do work and forget basic performances of their organs. It also provides minerals the change in lot of processes but most important it helps in growth and repair of tissues. So we can say that without food we can’t even think good life.

What is digestive system,

just like food  water also plays important role in our daily life. Drinking sufficient water can help us a lot of things it keep away from skin diseases and skin allergies but if it didn’t get enough water we can die in few days by dehydration also.so these two things plays a very beneficial role in our day to day survival and these are the most important substances which all body requires daily. Have you ever think how this food is used by our body or in which form does it a absorb.

Process of digestion step by step:-

digestion process step by step

We intake food in large b so it is not possible to speak b and this book contains biomacromolecules which cannot be directly utilised by our body so because of this our body have a special mechanism that is digestion which means the process of conversion of complex food substances to simple absorb-able forms is called digestion and later this is small substances carried out by our digestive systems by mechanical and biochemical methods and convert it into simplest form which your body can easily digest


What are the two components of Digestive system

Digestive system consists of alimentary canal and digestive glands .we all know the pieces of digestive system that is we have an anterior opening mouth and exterior opening anus through which digestive waste of our body releases out but I just system have so many processes and body parts which includes


digestive system

Alimentary canal starts with interior opening mouth which leads to buccal cavity which contain teeth which help in mastication of food and tongue which help in intake of food in alimentary canal with the help of saliva. We have four types of teeth which has different functions like chewing biting and tearing of food.human beings forms to set of teeth during the life out of temporary milk deciduous teeth that is replaced by a set of permanent or adult teeth this type of condition is called diphyodont.

Then we have pharynx which serves as a common passage food and air. Double pipe and windpipe opens into pharynx. Then we have trachea which consists of sound box Daniel is abacus which opens into stomach which contains 3 part cardiac fundic pyloric.

Then Pyloric rehion opens  into small intestine which contain jejunum ileum and duodenum
Duodenum opens into large intestine which contains caecum colon rectum
Walls of alimentary canal consist and made up of four layers that has serosa muscularis sub mucosa and mucosa.



digestive glands

•Salivary glands:- These gland situated outside the buccal cavity and secrete slime reduces into the buccal cavity and there are three types of thyroid gland that are the parrots the sub maxillary and the sublingual which produce saliva.

•Liver:- It is the largest gland of our body about 1.2 to 1.5 kg weight it secretes bile juice which contain enzymes which help in digestion of food.

•Pancreas:- Pancreas are situated between the links of u schedule of small intestine it secrete pancreatic juice contains enzymes and hormones also like insulin and glucagon.


Digestive system Diseases:-

There are so many diseases related to digestive system that are constipation,irrilable bowel syndrome , hemorrhoids,internal henorroids , anal fissuresand perianal diseases.

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