What is DropShipping : What is dropshipping business and how to start drop shipping

What is dropshipping

Dropshipping is a type of business where a product is bought from a low-budget seller and supplied to in demanding public. In other ways, Dropshipping is a type of product fulfillment where stores of product owners were managed by drop shippers.

Dropshipping example:

If you can’t get what actually drop shipping is then here is an easy example for you. Suppose you want to sell a product but you don’t have any place to store it, But you have selling skills or well setup public to buy. In this type of condition you buy a product from a wholesaler or from low price product maker then you sell that product on your online store or to your followers. It’s almost same like promotion of a product done by influencers and most of the YouTubers.

dropshipping example

In drop shipping you will get an amount of money as a mediator. Dropshipping is also helpful when you have no place to store products that you want to sell. In this type of condition, you will use the garage or store of wholeseller. And when you want to sell that product or a product in demand you will be able to sell it.

once a customer purchases from you, you will be able to supply that product directly to the buyer.

I think now you understand some basics of what dropshipping is and the meaning of dropshipping.


What is dropshipping business?

Dropshipping business is not a hard business to start. Dropshipping business is a win-win kind of business where both wholesalers and online sellers were in profit. Here I explain you why, before drop shipping comes into business every wholesaler has to find buyers for their products. And every businessman has to find a wholesaler but because of dropshipping everything completely changed.

Dropshipping helps wholesalers to sell their products easily to a small business or to drop shippers.

How dropshipping come in demand

dropshipping demand

In early 2000s, there were only a few companies like Amazon and eBay which were able to do dropshipping. At that time it’s very hard to find sellers for your products but amazon and eBay make it easier than you think. You just have to sign in to these websites and they put your product in front of millions of people, But in this case, they take 10-15% of your profit.

AliExpress dropshipping

aliexpress dropshipping

That’s how business works, but still, there were many countries and cheap products that were not bought by anyone because of language barriers. Like China is a country where products were very cheap but because of language and traveling barriers not everyone able to buy that product. But here AliExpress comes in business which completely changed the business.

Because of AliExpress, you were able to buy cheap products from China and other countries like these and able to sell that product in places or countries with high demand.

eBay dropshipping

ebay dropshipping

Dropshipping on eBay is also a good option here you were able to sell both new and used products. If you want to sell someone’s old household then eBay is one of the best options but nowadays most of the sellers use Shopify and other platforms like it.

How Shopify make drop shipping easy

shopfiy dropshipping

Still many were struggling to sell products online after the entry of AliExpress because in this time internet is the best place to sell but not everyone is able to make a website and sell products. If you sell products at Amazon, eBay you will not get that much profit of your work.

Here Shopify enters in the business of drop shipping which makes everything easy than you think. On Shopify, you were able to make online stores just in few steps, And many marketing and Seo tools were already given in Shopify to rank your products to sell.

dropshipping amazon

Dropshipping at amazon is also easy but i explained above that dropshipping on amazon is easy to get traffic to see your product but here you get very less amount of benefits.

amazon dropshipping

For example :

If you buy a product from AliExpress or from any wholesaler online or offline. The price of that product is 100$ and you sell it with the margin of 20$ at the price of 120$ you will get 20$ benefit or you can say profit. But amazon takes 10-15% of the profit that you make on that product you sell on Amazon. 10-15% of your 20$ is almost 3-5 dollars.

Amazon gives you more public than you think because amazon is a very huge marketplace with more than a 300million buyers but here you get less profit than other platforms like Shopify etc.

That’s only reason most of the drop shippers will choose Shopify as their dropshipping store’s most of the times. And on Shopify, you will also get many products listed from many sellers. You only have to market that product on the internet with your marketing and business skills.

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Is dropshipping legal

In easy words you can say that Dropshipping is legal: But you should follow the rules as per country. In many countries, some rules are against dropshipping but those rules only force you to follow some simple instructions and steps to do dropshipping legally.


How to start dropshipping

How to start dropshipping is a very common question, Everyone want’s to earn money everyone wants to buy expensive cars, houses, products, but no one knows how to start making money.

how to start dropshipping

So here are some simple steps to start dropshipping easily.

  • There are many ways to do dropshipping sometimes dropshipping is very easy but sometimes you have to learn about the market. You should know the customer’s demand.
  • In starting days of drop shipping, you have to learn about the business, products, and mentality of the buyer.
  • If you want to earn more from drop shipping you have to learn some skills like digital marketing. Ads running etc.
  • Dropshipping is very easy for those who have millions of followers on their social media accounts.
  • If you want to earn money without investing you have to grow your social media accounts. On your social media accounts, you were able to market your products or your stores.
  • But if you were not able to grow your social media accounts you have to give some time in your dropshipping store and learn about every step which is useful for your store.

How to use Social Media as a dropshipping store

If you want to use social media as your dorpshipping store, then you have to grow your social media accounts.

social media in dropshipping

For example : If you have 10000 followers on your youtube channel and you give reviews about books and products related to books. And on other hand you find a wholeseller who sells books on very cheap amount. First of all you have to make a online bookstore on shopify or on any other dropshipping store. Then you have to review a book which is in demand or on demanding topic then you have to tell your viewers to buy that book. Suppose you buy that book at 100$ price from your book wholeseller and you sell it online at the price of 150$ you gain the profit of 50$ just by doing nothing.

That’s how dropshipping works.

Blind drop shipping

Blind drop shipping is one of the most successful way to start a successful dropshipping business. This dropshipping is a method of fulfilling a customer order from a third party eCommerce business by sending the goods directly from the wholesale supplier.

In blind dropshipping is mostly used when you don’t want wholeseller to see the address and order details of the buyer. In blind drop shipping you give a custom package to the buyer which helps  to perfectly secure your buyer details.


Automated drop shipping

automated dropshipping

Automated drop shipping is also a good option for dropshipping and earn money. But for starting a successful automated dropshipping you have to invest time in starting phase of your business. For making a automated online dropshipping store you have to make perfect connection with your supplier and your buyer’s


Drop shipping software

Drop shipping software enables online retailers to list products for sale without purchasing inventory in advance; instead, retailers only purchase the items once a customer has placed and paid for an order, and the items are shipped directly from the wholesaler’s warehouse to the customer
There are much dropshipping software available in the marked here is list of some of the best dropshipping software Click


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