what is dual boot how to do dual boot a pc and laptop :dual boot operating systems

Operating system is a system which helps us to access the power of hardware to use it through the software. Operating system contains all the softwares which were used to operate, all the hardware that plugged with our computer.

Mainly we use one operating system in our Pc. But sometimes we need to access two operating system at a time but their is no option to operate two operating system at a time

so we use the process of  dual boot to use two operating systems at a time in one pc.

How to dual boot your pc.

To make your pc dual boot follow these steps:

  • Download a 2nd operating system that you want to use as a dual boot operating system.
  • Put that downloaded operating system into pendrive.
  • Boot the pen drive that contains 2nd operating system.
  • Boot that operating system with the help of any booting software like rufus etc.
  • Now put your pen drive into your pc and go to the boot menu.
  • Select removable disk or pen drive in boot menu.
  • Now install that operating system into your pc and enjoy dual operating system or dual boot.


Benefits of dual booting your pc

There is also some benefits of dual booting your computer or using more than one operating system in one computer.

  • You can easily able to do different functions and work on same computer.
  • Easy to manage different projects related to different operating systems.
  • Usability of using two operating system is also easy.
  • No need to carry extra pen drive or hard disk to use another operating system.
  • Managing of data and space between both the operating system is also easy to do.
  • If you have basic knowledge of dual booting you can easily able to boot you pc

These are some tips and benefits to dual booting your computer i hope you like this information regarding to the dual booting.



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