What Is Kernel Panic Error? How To Solve Kernel Panic Error Or Issue

What Is Kernel Panic Error

Kernel panic issue or error is one of several Linux boot issues. In this issue, the kernel can’t load properly and therefore the system fails to boot. During the boot process, the kernel initramfs loads in RAM, not load directly. Then it points to the kernel and then the operating system boots.

kernal panic error

When a Linux system boot process starts after the Master Boot Record (MBR) step, GRUB is loaded. The kernel needs to be loaded into RAM to start the OS, but the kernel is situated on the hard disk (/boot/vmlinuz), and the hard disk is not yet mounted on /. Without mounting, no files can be accessed, even the kernel. To overcome this, first initramfs/initrd loads in RAM directly and mounts the /boot partition in read-only mode. Next, it mounts the hard disk on the / partition, and the process continues.

Why do kernel panics occur?

  1. If the initramfs file gets corrupted.
  2. If initramfs is not created properly for the specified kernel.
  3. If the installed kernel is not supported or not installed correctly.
  4. If recent patches have some flaws.
  5. If a module has been installed from online or another source, but the initrd image is not created with the latest installed module.

How To Solve Kernel Panic Error Or Issue

There are some steps for solving this issue so read out these steps carefully-

Step 1 : You should know the version of your operating system.

Step 2 : Then power off and on again your system.

Step 3 : Choose advanced option for linux or macOS.

Step 4 : Choose the second recovery mode option.

Step 5 : Sometimes it is sufficient for normal panic error.

Step 6 : If your panic error is not solve yet then open the root terminal by clicking on "C".

Step 7 : Then press enter or any key.

Step 8 : Use the command "mount -o".

Step 9 : Then use the command "mkinitramfs -o".

Step 10 : Now type the command  "update -grub".

Step 11 : Type the command "update -grub2".

Step 12 : Now reboot your system.


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