What is operating system and how many operating system are there :Computer Basics

Operating system (OS) is a system which gives a interface to operator to use properties of hardware. All the basic tasks like management of data, management of files, process management and control of all inputs and outputs commands. And controlling of devices connected with computer like printers, graphic cards, ram and rom and all the parts  connected with your computer.

Their are many operating systems but mainly there is only three operating system widely used –



Linux Operating system :

  • Linux is a operating system which is widely used by programmers and companies. Also used in most of the supercomputers widely used all over the world.
  • Linux publicly available in late 90’s. It is used in  most of the electronic devices like refrigerators, cars and most of the machines.
  • Linux is a open source operating system in which you can modify it according to your usage.
  • You can easily customize this operating system and it is based on kernal.

Their are many custom made versions of linux :- LIke Parrot OS, Kali linux, Garuda linux and many other.

Windows Operating system :

  • Windows operating system publicly available in 1980’s.
  • Windows operating system has released many version’s till now eg- windows 7, windows 8 , and latest is windows 10.
  • Windows have GUI based operating system.
  • Windows contains control panel in which all the customization settings are available.
  • Windows OS developed under the banner of Microsoft.

Mac Os ( Apple operating system) :

  • Mac os  is a competetion of  windows os developed under the banner of Apple company.
  • Mac os is a unix based operating system.
  • This operating system provides more security and a complete different interface.
  • In compare to windows mac os is more secure and stable.
  • Mac os launched many versions till now such as – Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8), Mavericks (OS X 10.9), El Capitan (OS X 10.11), (OS X 10.14), etc.




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