What Is Temp Mail ? How to Make fake E-mail, G-mail address temporarily

What Is Temp Mail ?

Temp mail is a temporary mail and it is also known as dark mail. It is very useful for us and we must know about this. Temp mail is create a different and unique email address for it’s users. It is more useful when we register on the website that offering us chat rooms, discussion groups, online shopping, file hosting services and many more.

Some of that site are take out our emails and sell out them for their own business or money that is very risky for us. We can use the tamp mail on that types of sites for our security.

If someone use our temp email then we will cancelled that email address by the using temp mail aaps. Suppose we are not be able to cancel that email for that time then don’t worry because no one will misuse that email address. A temp mail is always secure it’s creator.

Uses Of Temp Mail

For Fun 

Some people use the temp mail for their fun.


Blackmail Someone 

People also use the temp mail to crating the fake id to blackmail the needy people.


Internet voting 

For internet voting temporary mail will be very appropriate as you know that for suchaction for one mail there is measured number of votes.


For One Time Registration 

If you need to register for one time, for example for film or game download and in future you won’t use this resource. If you need to create some accounts at one time on websites or in social networks.


Online Shopping

In online shopping you must enter your email on that sites. However,this will eventually result in your mailbox being spammed with promotional emails. Buttemp mail is the best option to avoid this types of problems.


What Is Temp Mail ? How to Make fake E-mail, G-mail address temporarily


Top Apps And Websites That Provide Us The Temp Mails


  1. Mailinator

Mailinator is the one of the best mail service provider. It is very popular. This is only available as online tool. This tool is available in android and ISO both. When we use the email ID with extension @mailinator.com then the Facebook block that type extensions id now we can know the popularity of this tool. But this is the paid tool free user only access some things.

When you purchase the paid subscription you can make the services like Team accounts, API access, unlimited emails, Storage, Private domains at heavy pricing.


  1. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla mail is fully anti-spam temp mail service provider. You can add a custom domain to it and get generate a professional email ID (temporary again) of your choice. It is supported in android and ISO both devices. The best thing of this tools is that this is free for everyone.


  1. 10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail will beat spam with best disposable emails. It is available as online tool. This is supported in android and ISO both devices. It stands for an email which lasts for absolutely 10 minutes, not more than that. Just copy the temporary mailing address, use it for your free Hotstar or Netflix or Amazon Prime sign up and then it’s gone. This is free for everyone.


  1. NADA

NADA mail can be used instead of your real email. It provides extensions like @amail.club, @getnada.com @cmail.club, @wmail.club, @duck2.club, @cars2.club and many funny domains. This is free for everyone. This is supported in android and ISO both devices.


  1. Temp Mail – Android App

Temp Mail android app is the best ever android app to create a disposable temporary email account in a fraction of seconds. Hence the primary purpose of creating temporary disposable mail is best served in the android app too.  This is available on mobile phones. This is free for everyone.


  1. Temp Mail – iOS App

Temp Mail App is not only restricted to Android platform but also available for iOS platform too. Hence users can have better Temp Mail creation experience with temporary mail – iOS App. It is available on mobile phones. This is free for everyone.


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