what online learning is : And Brain breaks for online learning to learn fast.

What online learning is

Online learning is a easiest way of learning, which help’s to gain knowledge from your comfort zone. In last 2-3 years online learning is on it’s peak. With the help of online learning we were able to learn anything from both paid and free ways. If you don’t have money for online learning, you should go for youtube, facebook and many other platform’s like these. But if you want to learn something online deeply then you should go for Udemy, Lynda, Coursera etc.

Here is list of some best online learning platform.

1. Coursera

coursera online learning

Coursera is one of the most popular online learning platform that offers world’s best courses and top educators all over the world. In last some years this company grown so much and it’s one of the most popular education provider’s through the MOOC ( Massive open online courses ).

Coursera online platform already partners with top universities including Stanford, Duke, Penn, Princeton, Michiganm Peking and HEC Paris and many big companies like IBM, Google etc. Corusera have more than 190+ active partners all over the world in 48+ countries.

2. Skillshare

skillshrare online course


Skill share is also a online learning platform which gives benefits to both students and teacher. Here students were able to take classes from one of the best in there fields. Skillshare offer more than thousands of courses related to design, business, marketing, technology, photography, film, fashion, music, gaming, cooking, writing etc.

Nowadays skillshare also offers courses from successful field experts like youtuber, Many of famous and successful youtuber’s and entrepreneur give classes of field’s like vlogging channel’s food channels, and many other fields.

3. Lynda.com also known as LinkedIn Learning

lynda.com online learning

LinkedIn learning is a which which covers variety of coursers from across the world collages and universities. Lynda.com is video based online learning platform. with the help of Lynda.com you were able to learn skill’s related to your fields.

Lynda.com mostly suggest coursed related to your fields or information you field on your LinkedIn profile it help’s you to make your profile more skillful and attractive.

Currently linkedin learning serves more than 10,000 organizations, including some big tech companies like Adobe, Full sail University, Patagonia, NBC, USC etc.

4. Udacity – The micro credential learning platform

Udacity online learning platform

Udacity is a MOOC platform that gives importance to job training skills and programs. Main feature of Udacity is that it provides The micro credential learning platform also known as Nano degree which helps to learn in-demand skills in technology. Udacity have many types of courses from self-driving cars to robotics.

The enterprise customers of Udacity include Accenture, AT&T, Cisco, Mazda, Shell and more. Their curriculum partners include GitHub, Bosch, BMW, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Mars and more.

5. Udemy

udemy online learning platform

Udemy is a online learning platform where people were able to explore and develop and unlock next level in there hobbies and learning new skills. From public speaking to web development they offers many types of courses.

Reputed companies like Booking.com, Lyft, Addidas, and General Mills use the business plan of Udemy. Udemy provide’s great support for instructors. They help them to get good amount of money to create better coursers to make there platform more learnable and better than other’s.


Online learning vs Classroom learning

Online learning vs classroom learning both types of learning have there own Pros and cons first we discuss about online learning. How online leaning is helpful to us and how we were able to as much as benefit from online learning.

Online learning vs Classroom Learning

Online learning

This is a type of platform which allow us to do courses and increase our skill from our homes comfortably. Before pandemic many of us against the way of online learning but now our thinking towards online learning is completely changed.

Benefits of online learning.

  • Learn comfortably from our homes.
  • Easy to learn things while doing jobs.
  • Help to increase skills and knowledge from our safe places.
  • No need of physical appearance.
  • Time management is one of the biggest problem in hustlers life.
  • Help to increase earning just by learning some add on skills to your present job or skill.
  • Helps to improve virtual communication and collaboration with others.
  • New ideas grows rapidly without thinking about budgets and moving expense.

Classroom learning

Classroom learning was first established in 1837 when Horace Mann become the secretary of Education in Massachusetts. His vision to make education system professional with teachers and students both. Everyone knows classroom leanings are really enjoyable expect some non interesting classes. In classroom learning students will able to make interaction with teachers and mate students.

Classroom learning we were able to face teacher in front of us, it’s completely different than watching a teacher on 16 inch screen.

Benefits of Classroom learning.

  • Help’s to increase interaction between teacher and students.
  • Classroom learning helps to make friends and connection with other students.
  • Classroom provides a space of learning without interepted by outside distractions.
  • Make our sitting skills more powerful to learning something in school for many hours.
  • We have to submit assignments which increases our interaction with particular subject.
  • Projects and different types of other activities related to our subject helps to increase curiosity towards the subject.


Brain breaks for online learning

Brain breaks for online learning

Brain breaks for online learning are the most important thing while you leaning online. Brain break’s helps to to increase your productivity and curiosity. If you sit or leaning something constantly you starting getting bore from that topic of thing. That’s the reason why brain breaks are the most important thing while learning online.

Some important tips for Brain Breaks while learning online.

  • Always try to take frequent breaks while learning or reading something boring.
  • Brain breaks helps to increase your curiosity towards your topic.
  • Try to take Breaks after every 1 hour session.
  • Brain breaks include some water drinking moving from your comfortable position and walk around for 5-10 minutes.
  • In this period of 5-10 minutes take pee break drink some water walk around, eat some fruits to make yourself more active and charged.

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