Who is uppolice.org : Who is the owner of Uppolice.org and how uppolice.org getting 3 million traffic in 1month

Who is uppolice.org

Uppolice.org is another expired governmental domain which is buyed a blogger or a owner of website who own’s this. Uppolice.org domain is a very old domain according to the Ahrefs site explorer tool. Which is occupied by government before the current owner of Uppolice.org but after the expiration of this domain this is buyed by someone else and make it a news portal or a blogging website.

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uppolice.org owner, name, traffic

Is Uppolice.org is new Mpnrc.org

Everyone knows this famous name knows as mpnrc.org, Mpnrc is the website which is ranked on almost every keyword and this website has organic traffic of more than 20 million and this is also a expired govt domain.

How much uppolice.org earn

According to the stats current traffic of uppolice.org is more than 3million but when you were reading this article it is more than this. But according to the traffic of 3 million this website earn’s more than 13000$ but most of it’s traffic from India so cpc and earnings are also low. So traffic of this website is expected 3000-5000$.




Who is the owner of Uppolice.org


How much Uppolice.org earn?

More than 5000$

What is Uppolice.org?

uppolice.org is a expired governmental domain which is now a multi-niche blogging website(now non governmental)





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