Why Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Not Working? Whatsapp not working in India?

Today on Date 4th October Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp not working. There are so many reason’s behind this. But here I explain you why these social media platform’s not working on your mobile phone.

Why Facebook, Instagram,Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp Not Working

Reason Behind Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp Not Working?

There are so many reason’s behind it but most commonly there are few reason. First reason of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp not working world wide is These social media platform’s were hacked or been down by the competitor or Mark Zukerberg or any hacker group who want’s to down these social media sites to gain some fame.

And Second reason behind the not working of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp is they were rolling down new updates all over there platform’s maybe this update is so much huge to roll out. So all the server crashes and all the social media platforms including facebook were down.

And Third reason behind the not working of Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram is maybe an experiment done by the Mark Zukerberg to see the result’s of these platfrom’s down. Or maybe he try to do something new with these platform’s over the world.

Whatsapp not working in India?

Whatsapp is also a company owned by the owner of Facebook and the CEO of facebook is Mark Zukerberg maybe the reason’s mentioned above are the main reason for the not working of Whatsapp in India.

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