Why Instagram was temporarily unavailable worldwide for some?Services have been restored

Instagram seems to be experiencing problems as many users are unable to access it. Twitter users have reported that the social media app is not functioning properly. A few users noticed that the app crashed and was not loading any posts. Some are also experiencing problems sending Direct Messages (DMs), to friends. Instagram has not yet made a statement.

According to DownDetector Instagram has been experiencing problems in India since September 2, 2021 at 11:02 am. Nearly 45 percent have complained about Instagram, while 33% are having issues with the Instagram site.

The remaining 22 percent of users report experiencing problems with their server connections. The issue has been reported by more than 1,000 users to the website.

Instagram was temporarily unavailable

Many users are also getting a message from the app, which says “We are sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again.” Currently, it is not clear what exactly is the issue with Instagram. The company hasn’t yet acknowledged the error and confirmed details.

The site indicates that users began to experience errors around 10:35 AM IST. However, the problem is still not resolved. Instagram is working perfectly for us. But, users continue to report issues on Twitter.

Instagram users are advised not to reinstall the app as that will not solve the issue. The problem is at the company’s server end and it should be fixed in some time.

Internet outages like this have become quite common now because of some glitches in how these services are made available to users. Although companies such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter try their best to bring services back up, sometimes the amount of time taken for the restoration of services is more than expected. For instance, the infamous outage that Google experienced last year, leaving all its services kaput for several hours. Then, earlier this year, the failure of two different content delivery networks (CDNs) broke more than half the Internet.


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