Why my phone heat :tips to keep your phone from overheating and phone heating issue solution

Phone is a electronic device which is so addictive. Without phone’s our life is empty, it’s like trees without water, student without knowledge. But heating is a problem in modern phones that will irritate us so much while doing some important works or on a call. But here are some tips to protect your phone from heating issues.

Why Phone heat’s ? ( ISSUES)

  • Phones heated up while we are on a call with someone more than a usual time.
  •  Phones heat while we play games.
  • At the time of recording video’s or watching video’s in high quality our phone heated up.
  • While our phone is directly in contact with more light or sun light it heat’s
  • Phone’s heated up while charging or using while charging.
  • Phone also heated up when our phone storage is full.
  • Heating issue’s in phone also appears when we download some third party apps or non authorized apps.
  • Malware(viruses) also increase phone heating.
  • Ram if your phone ram is low and you are using high performance requiring apps it heated up.

How to solve phone heating ? (SOLUTION)

  • Use antiviruses in your phone to protect your phone from 3rd party apps or malwares.
  • Sit or keep your phone in cool and dry place while calling, playing games etc.
  • Do not use your phone while charging.
  • Keep your phone away from direct sun light or from heavy light’s to protect it from heating.
  • Keep your phone storage clean.
  • Optimize your phone ram and do not use more power full apps if your phone is heating while using them.
  • While playing games keep your fan, ac on or keep your phone towards them for proper cooling.

Phone heat is really a serious issue we want. If you were facing phone heat try to fix it as soon as possible before it destroys your device.

Thanks for reading if above information is helpful for you share this article with your friend’s, family member to protect their phones from heating issues thank you.




  1. Thanks bro it give me a lot of information about heating problem and also give me the solution.

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