Why phone hangs : 5 major reasons of hang and how to fix hanging problem in phone

Hanging in phones is a major issues with old phone and also with some new phone so in this article you read about why phones hang down and suspended and 5 major reasons of phone hangs.

There are so many reasons behind phone hangs but most of them are related to each other so here are the most common 5 common major reasons behind why phone hangs

Why phone hangs : 5 major reasons

  1. Storage – Storage is a space where all our phone data like installed apps, our personal photos, videos, contacts, downloaded images, whatsapp images and every data we consume stores in our phone. But how storage is behind phone hanging ,so here is the reason our phone speed depends on our phone storage and its capacity to do work if less storage phone will do processing and other important works. Slowly and our phone takes more load and it starts to hang.


2. Apps/Software – Apps were also the most common reason behind the phone hanging while we use more storage consumpting apps. Apps that give more load to our device than our phone starts to hangs.


3. Malicious filesMalicious files are the files that are not passed by google security or  common security. And the files or software we downloaded from the third party websites or through any specious links that app or software started infecting our device and makes it slow to be hang.


4. Power – Power is also one of the common factor behind phone hanging, using other phone charger, charging phone in not suitable power supply also leads to the phone hanging.


5. Usage – Usage of phone is also a reason behind the phone hanging while we use our phone more than usual or using phone while charging it leads to the phone hang and after some time your phone hangs very constantly while charging or doing any other works.


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